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About us

Our beginnings date back to year 2000, producing dried meat (carne seca) and shredded dried meat (carne machaca) with a home-traditional procedure, preserving the flavor of beef jerky typical from the state of Sonora. This product came to have wide public acceptance and we start looking for ways to reach more people by distributing our products to grocery stores, specialty meat stores and supermarkets, therefore we meet all the “Arizona Department of Agriculture” requirements to reach our objectives and keep the quality for our growing customer base.

At Encinas Meat our products are carefully selected ensuring our customers meat cuts with the highest quality and freshness. We are able to provide you with the personalized attention that you deserve in a timely and professional manner. We have the resources to provide a high quality service. All products sold and produced in Encinas Meat follow the strictest health standards and quality controls. We provide our customers with excellent meat products, always fresh and handled by professionals who knows and take care to the utmost of details of them, so you have at home the best product of the market, always at the best price.

We are an excellent choice as meat supplier, we specialize in wholesale and retail distribution of fresh beef, pork, chicken, goat and seafood for state distributors, retail stores, chefs, hotels, hospitals, bars and taquerias.

We've always taken care the high quality of all our prodcuts and especially the customer service.

Thank you very much for choosing us and enjoy our products !